Woman Stabs Neighbor In The Eye Over Last Rib

BBQ Pork Ribs

A woman in Indiana in the US has been arrested for stabbing her neighbor in the eye with a fork after an argument about the last rib at a neighborhood cookout.

Sabrina Davis, 45, was attending her neighbor’s cookout and certainly enjoying her fair share of ribs. When she went into the kitchen for more, however, the hostess confronted Davis about taking too much food.

Insulted at the comment, Davis took the fork that she was using to take the last rib and stabbed the hostess in the eye. Davis, however, maintains that she acted in self-defense after her neighbor came at her with a knife.

Eye witnesses claim the hostess’s eye was bloodshot and swollen after the altercation with at least two lacerations on her left eyelid.

Davis is currently in the Delaware County Jail with her bail set at $5,000.