Athiests Get Married At The United Church Of Bacon

United Church of Bacon

Bacon lovers rejoice – you can now get married in the very real and legal United Church of Bacon in none other than Las Vegas, Nevada in the US.

The United Church of Bacon was founded by a group of atheists, explaining that they chose a funny name like ‘Bacon’ in order “to expose how wrong it is for society to give automatic respect and special legal privileges to religions”.

They further point out that: “Unlike God, who is invisible, at least we can see Bacon. Bacon is demonstrably real”.

The church opposes organised religions, fights discrimination of atheists, raises money for various secular charities, performs legal weddings, and, of course, praises bacon.

Non-pork eaters, rest assured though: The church claims you can also praise Vegetarian or Turkey Bacon.

Patrons are able to get married by the church’s officiants free of charge, but are encouraged to donate to one of the church’s many charities.

And, after your wedding, make sure to pick up a commemorative t-shirt.

Here’s a look the church’s home-page:

United Church of Bacon

United Church of Bacon:


The church also offers a 10 Commandments, detailing their beliefs. Here’s number 8:

Bacon Commandments

United Church of Bacon:


And, let’s not forget about all the bacon swag:

Bacon swag

United Church of Bacon: