Jetstar NZ Wrongly Asks Passenger If She’s Pregnant

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Jetstar New Zealand has had to apologise to a female passenger after asking her how far along in her pregnancy she was when it turns out she was not pregnant.

Grethe Anderson, 24, was flying from Wellington to Auckland in New Zealand for a weekend away with her friends when a flight attendant came up to her and mumbled something she could not hear.

The flight attendant then motioned to her stomach and said, “How many weeks are you?”, leaving Anderson both humiliated and self-conscious, as she was not pregnant.

Once the plane landed in Auckland, Anderson spoke with the cabin crew leader who explained that the airline has a policy for pregnant women over 28 weeks to produce a doctor’s note certifying that they are fit to travel. Still, she received no apology or saw any sort of remorse from the airline for the embarrassing mishap.

Anderson went to social media to lodge her complaint, detailing the incident on Jetstar’s Facebook page. Many other users supported her, commenting about how insensitive Jetstar had been with some even posting pictures of their baby bump to demonstrate that Anderson did not even look pregnant.

The airline finally contacted Anderson to make a formal apology and offered her a $100 voucher, but Anderson is not interested in flying Jetstar again anytime soon.

You can watch her interview with here: