Woman Arrested for Printing Counterfeit Money, Blamed Obama for ‘Making it Legal’

Counterfeit Money

A woman has been arrested for printing counterfeit money, putting all blame on Obama, as she read online that he had made it legal.

Pamela Downs, aged 45, from Kingsport, Tennessee was caught using the counterfeit bills at a local gas station. The employee of the shop knew the bills were fake and called police to deal with the situation.

Downs originally explained that she must have gotten the bill from someone else, not paying attention to it, but when police searched her bag they found a $100 bill printed in black and white with the back side of the bill glued together upside down.

When Downs was cuffed and put into the police car, she reportedly stated: “I don’t give a ****, all these other bitches get to print money so I can too.”

Once arrested, Downs explained that she read online that President Obama had just established a new law, making printing money at home legal for people such as herself with a fixed income.

On searching Downs’ apartment, police found evidence of counterfeit money worth up to $50,000 with paper, scissors, glue, and a printer at the ready.