Million Dollar Bag of Cash Goes Missing at Airport

Hong Kong Cathay Pacific FlightSorbis /

Airline staff at Hong Kong airport lost a bag of cash with an approximate value of one million dollars.

Thirteen bags of cash containing approximately $13.5 million dollars were being transported from Auckland to a bank in China on a Cathay Pacific flight. The one that went missing is reportedly worth $897,000.

Surveillance showed that three of the bags mistakenly fell off the baggage trailer as it turned a corner after not being securely fastened. The airline was able to find two of the three bags on the tarmac, but the third containing nearly $1 million has yet to be located.

Police have scoured the area and the missing bag is now reported to be a theft. The airline will go through the procedures laid out in its terms and conditions, but it is too early to say whether or not they will accept liability for the incident.