Companies Make Small Fortunes Selling Personalised Potatoes

Potato message

There are an absurd amount of companies who send messages on potatoes in both the US and the UK. Here we take a look at some of the different personalised potato-message companies.

The owner of Potato Parcel, Alex Craig, made £19,000 in his first three months of selling personalised potatoes online. His company, Potato Parcel, allows people to send a potato in the post with a special message for only $9.99. In the US, he now offers the ‘potato pal’ for $14.99, which is a potato with a person’s face printed on it or a potato postcard for $12.99. He also ships internationally to the UK, Australia, Europe, and Canada. For UK customers, he charges £9.99 with the option to include a message with up to 140 characters on the spud.

Rival UK company, Potato in the Post, however, offers spuds with messages starting from £3.99 with free shipping. The company was started by Adrian Nantchev who claims that sending a card is “too mainstraim”, urging people to “send a potato instead”, as receiving a spud is far more memorable.

Another US based company, Mail a Spud, costs $9.99 to send and arrives as is with the address of the recipient written on the potato with a bunch of stamps glued to the spud. You literally receive a potato with your post.

And then there’s Mystery Potato, which also writes a message on a potato but never discloses who the potato is from. Their potatoes start from $7.99 and go up to $9.99. The company also offers a ‘glitter bomb’, which includes a message written on notebook paper and ton of rainbow glitter that falls onto the recipient from the envelope.

All of these companies have one thing in common: they are ridiculous. But, it seems to work for them and people love it, so who are we to judge?