Smart Camera Takes Pictures When Your Pet Is Excited

Dog with cameraNikon / YouTube

Nikon have just released a smart camera that attaches to your pet’s collar to snap pictures when your pet gets overly excited.

The camera snaps to a collar, which is fitted with a heart rate sensor to monitor your pet’s pulse. When the pet’s pulse increases to a certain rate, the camera snaps a photo.

Nikon stated, “Photographers often take pictures of things that touch them emotionally. We wanted to help dogs do the same.”

And, it seems to solve the problem of knowing what it is exactly that makes your dog go crazy when you can’t seem to see what it is they see.

Like, for instance, when they meet a new friend:

New friends

Nikon / YouTube

Or perhaps an age-old nemesis:


Nikon / YouTube

Or when they just aren’t quite sure what it is they are dealing with:


Nikon / YouTube

You can watch Nikon’s promotional video here: