Cat Drinks Three Bottles of Wine & Suffers from Three-Day Hangover

Turkish AngoraTurkish Angora / Aljosha Not Pictured

A German cat got trapped in a wine cellar, drank three broken bottles of wine, and then suffered from a three-day hangover.

Aljosha, the cat, a 6-year-old Turkish Angora, went missing from his home in Würselen, North Rhine-Westphalia for seven-weeks. The owner, Claudia von Büren, put up posters across town in an effort to find him.

They eventually discovered the cat had been trapped in a neighbour’s wine cellar and had broken three bottles of white wine, which Aljosha then lapped up.

The owner claims he was “more dead than alive” when they found him and instantly took him to the vet where they reported that he was suffering from alcohol poisoning.

Aljosha was on a drip for three-days in an effort to recover from his wine hangover and is said to be recovering from the incident just fine.

Aljosha was extremely lucky, however, as alcohol poisoning in cats can be extremely serious and often fatal.