Police Arrest Pig Who Then Craps All Over Their Squad Car

Pig in CarShelby Township Police Department / Facebook

A pig in Shelby, Michigan in the US was picked up by police for causing mischief and his response? He pooped all over their backseat!

The pig in question, named simply “Pig Pig”, was distracted by a woman’s lawn ornament and chased the woman around her own garden after escaping from his.

The woman then called the police to report the incident and they soon picked up Pig Pig in the squad car in an effort to return him to his rightful owners.

Pig Pig, however, was clearly not a fan of being confined and left quite the mess in the backseat of the police car.

Shelby Township Police Department documented that mess on their Facebook page:

Poop in Car

Shelby Township Police Department / Facebook

Deputy Chief Mark Coil reported to My FoxDC News that: “It became a biohazard relatively quickly.”

Pig Pig has since been returned to his owner, Brian Davis, 32, who graciously offered to clean out the police car after seeing the mess that ensued. Davis reports that Pig Pig is doing well after his car journey home and is enjoying his fleeting fame, as people are stopping by to visit and take selfies with the famous Pig Pig.