Japanese Company Adopts Rescue Cats to Improve Employee Productivity

Cat on laptop

A company in Tokyo has recued nine cats in order to help their employees feel less stressed and also increase their productivity.

The company, Ferray Corporation, an Internet solutions business, has rescued nine cats that live and roam freely within their office.

The cats sleep on desks, on the copy machine, join in on business meetings, and even sleep in employee laps. The employees have reported how positive they find the experience.

When looking for new employees, Ferray looks for people with a “love of felines” and they even offer a monthly “cat bonus” (the equivalent of $42 USD or £27.50 GBP) to employees who adopt a kitten of their own. Additionally, every day is bring-your-pet-to-work-day, so employees are encouraged to bring their pets to the office on a daily basis.