You Can Now Purchase Bacon Bouquets For Your Loved Ones


A website in the US is selling bouquets of bacon roses, which can be purchased for your loved ones to enjoy.

The site, Ditzy Blondes, sells the bacon bouquets starting from $25.99. They also offer a pick-up location in Plano, Texas at the Amazeballz Cake Balls shop, but the bacon roses can be shipped to anywhere across the US.

The owner of the shop in Plano, Caren Browning, has been inundated with calls for delectable pork flowers and is advertising them on her Facebook page as the “perfect” gift for Father’s Day.

Amazeballz Facebook

Amazeballz / Facebook

The roses will arrive in a vacuum-sealed pack and can last for up to 2-weeks. Once opened, they should be consumed within 24 hours.

Ranging from the classic long-stemmed bacon, to classy bacon roses in a glass vase, there are plenty of options and ordering couldn’t be gr-easier.

Bacon Roses

Don’t live in the US? Check out a how-to video on YouTube to make them at home: