Hysteric Woman Pleads with Black Bear to Stop Eating Her Kayak

Black Bear

In a video posted to YouTube, a woman hysterically screams at a Black Bear, asking it to please stop eating her Kayak.

The scene takes place in Southeast, Alaska and was posted by Mary Maley – the woman speaking throughout the video.

Originally, Maley thanks the bear for leaving her kayak alone and then proceeds to tell it that she is going to spray him in the face with pepper spray to make him go away.

The bear then retreats back to the kayak and starts to gnaw on it, which sent Maley into a fury, asking the the bear to stop.

Maley tried explaining to the bear that her kayak is made of plastic and that it wasn’t food and then questioned why the bear was even there when he should be away hibernating.

Maley’s kayak was unusable after the bear got through with it, so she had to swim to a boat in a neighbouring bay, where she then managed to get a ride to Wrangell, Alaska where she got her kayak repaired.

You can watch the antics here: