Plane Sprayed with Foam By Accident Causing Severe Delays

Virgin Atlantic PlaneEQRoy /

A Virgin Atlantic plane was meant to be sprayed with water for its inaugural takeoff to a newly offered route, but the plane was instead accidentally sprayed with foam by firefighters.

The flight was meant to be the first in service from Manchester, England to Atlanta, Georgia – a southern US state. Fire crews had intended to give the Airbus A330-300 a proper send off with water canons but mistakenly pressed the button emitting foam.

The turbine blades and jet engines were clogged with suds and the aircraft could not take off without a proper safety check after the foamy incident.

The plane’s 257 passengers had to wait inside the terminal for 5 hours before eventually being told the flight was cancelled.

The crew gave passengers cupcakes and champagne in an effort to appease them, but eventually had to put them up in hotels, as the flight was rescheduled to the next morning.

You could say some passengers were foaming at the mouth…