Parents Help Students Cheat By Scaling Walls

Scantron Test

Whilst many cheating students resort to using their smart phones, students in Bihar, India have the help from their parents, willing to scales walls in order to give them the correct answers.

In India, there are around 1.4 million students now taking the Class 10 state board examinations at over 1,200 centres across India. Cheating has become a major problem and over 500 students have already been caught and expelled.

Whilst some parents may be willing to scale walls to give their kids answers, others simply hire impersonators to take the test for their children.

One such parent, originally interviewed by the Hindustan Times, says, “My son cannot even write but I wanted him to complete at least matriculation”.

Once at the top of the building, the acrobatic parents have been known to give the answers scratched onto pieces of paper seen through the window, through bamboo shoots, and even through drainage pipes.

A local cop states, “These people should be in the police or fire brigade. Look, how easily they climb without much assistance and how innovative they get using ropes to carry chits to the desired rooms”.