Funeral Director Faints After ‘Dead’ Woman Emerges From Coffin

Funeral coffin

An undertaker in Germany passed out when a supposedly ‘dead’ woman emerged from a coffin asking: “Where am I?”

When the undertaker finally awoke from the horrific scene, he saw the elderly woman in the coffin very much alive, with a pulse and both eyes open.

Emergency services rushed the woman to a local hospital, but she was later pronounced dead, becoming ill after the uncanny incident.

Prior to being sent to the funeral home, the woman had supposedly stopped breathing at her nursing home and was pronounced dead after a visit from a doctor.

A police investigation is now in place in an effort to uncover whether there had been an error in judgment when recording this woman’s death the first time.

The former retirement home of the woman is now being inundated with calls and visits from the press. Lother Burger, head of the retirement home, states, “This is terrible and inexplicable. We are being devoured by the press, we are being pilloried”.