Iceland Introduces The “Human Search Engine”

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If you have a pressing question about Iceland that you can’t find the answer to online, Iceland have now launched a “human search engine” to give you personalised answers to any query you might have about the Nordic island country.

The project is called “Ask Gudmunder” and was started by the country’s tourism board, Visit Iceland, to resolve any Iceland-related queries that cannot be found through a simple online search.

”Ask Gudmunder” is social media based and requests that patrons post their questions directly to Facebook or Twitter. The team consists of 7 people – each from one of Iceland’s 7 regions who will personally respond to your questions.

The tourist site reports: “This spring, we have asked some of our very finest Guðmundurs to take on your questions about Iceland. They may not always deliver the answer you expected, but they will always give the answer you seek. So Ask Gudmundur, and you might just get an answer.”

You can watch the video from Visit Iceland here: