65,000 People Apply For £35k Per Year Nail Polish Tester Job

Nail polish

A nail polish ‘tester’ job with a salary of £35,000 per annum has received over 65,000 applicants.

Nailbox is a UK subscription box where customers can sign up to receive the latest trends in nail polish straight to their door each month.

The company is currently advertising a ‘Nail Tester’ career, which involves receiving 50 nail polishes and accessories per month that need to be tested and reviewed with photographs.

In the job spec, Nailbox states: “It is also critical that the successful candidate is prepared to withdraw themselves from any physical labour or household chores which may damage their hands e.g. washing up and gardening”.

The application is simple and straightforward, asking for UK based applicants for basic address information, as well as no more than 100 words as to why they deserve the job.

32% of the 65,000 applicants so far, however, have applied from outside of the UK and 26% have gone well over the 100 word limit, so the job is still definitely up for grabs.

Click here to apply – the deadline is June 30th, 2015.