Russian Drivers Obey Traffic Rules In Protest

Omsk, Russiaalenvl /

Unhappy minibus drivers in the Russian city of Omsk have started obeying the traffic rules in protest of a fare reduction.

The bus fare in Omsk was recently reduced from 22 roubles to 18 and there has been outrage from drivers across the city.

Drivers in Omsk are notorious for never obeying the rules, including dropping off passengers wherever they like instead of approved bus stops. The tables have turned, however, and the drivers are now following all of the road rules, which includes only dropping passengers off at actual bus stops.

With 1 out of 10 road accidents in Omsk involving a minibus though, most people are happy with the outcome of the protest, including the police. One person in Omsk stated: “Let’s lower the fares to 16 roubles, then minibuses will observe the rest of the rules in revenge!”