Woman Fined After Council Moves Her Car Onto Double Yellow Lines

Clair Morris PenaltyClair Morris / Twitter

A woman in Manchester, England received a parking ticket after her local council lifted her car up and moved it to an area with a parking restriction.

The motorist, Clair Morris, insisted that she had parked her sports car legally outside of her home in West Didsbury in Manchester.

The council needed to do some work on the road, however, and moved Morris’s car across the way to an area with double yellow lines, which is a clear parking violation.

When Morris found her car in a different space, she noticed the parking ticket from the council, alongside the notice that they also moved her car to that space.

Manchester City Council have since apologised for the mistake and have cancelled Morris’s ticket. They stated, “Our contractors apologise for this error and we are now insisting that they follow our strict codes of conduct.”

You can see Clair’s tweet to the council here: