Woman Told She Can’t Bring Bottle of Cognac on Plane, So Drinks It All

Woman downing alcoholZhao not pictured

After being told she could not bring a bottle of $200 cognac through security, as it exceeded the 100ml limit, a woman drank the entire contents of the bottle.

The woman named Zhao, aged 40, was then found rolling on the floor screaming at the boarding gate at Beijing Capital International Airport.

The captain of the plane deemed the woman far too intoxicated to board and would not let her on the flight after drinking the entire contents of the Rémy Martin XO Excellence cognac.

Airport staff put the woman in a wheelchair and rolled her into a safe room until family members could come collect her.

Zhao had apparently purchased the bottle of cognac at a US airport and was transferring to a domestic flight in Beijing.

She woke up hours after the incident and thanked police and staff for helping her.