Nevada Bill Proposed: Giving Pets Access to Medical Marijuana


A Nevada lawmaker has proposed a bill to grant pets access to medical marijuana.

The state of Nevada is one of 23 states to allow medical marijuana throughout the US but it may soon expand its ‘patients’ to your cat and dog. Pet owners would be able to get the drug should their veterinarian confirm that it might help relieve the symptoms of a chronic illness or disease.

Medical marijuana has been used in the past by some veterinarians to relieve symptoms of pain in sick and dying animals.

One such veterinarian, Doug Kramer, from Los Angeles, California, used medical marijuana to ease the discomfort of his Siberian husky in her last days. He claims the drug helped the dog gain weight and live an extra six weeks before she had to be euthanized.

The new bill also proposes changes to the medical marijuana legislation in Nevada by removing penalties for drivers who have marijuana in their blood, as well as requiring training for those selling it in shops.