Moscow Police Stop Leading Runner Just Before Finish Line

Marathon runners

Police unexpectedly stopped the lead runner near the finish line of a 10km race in Moscow for no apparent reason.

Russian runner, Rinas Akhmadeyev, 26, told the Moscow 24 television channel that he was stopped by a police officer for 20 seconds with only 500m left to go. Akhmadeyev was taking part in a 10km race as a part of the Moscow Marathon. The officer apparently told him that he could not go any further.

Video footage of the race shows the office holding his arm out to Akhmadeyev but then cuts out to when the Akhmadeyev started running again, both looking behind him and checking his watch.

The police station say they have no record or information pertaining to this incident.

Akhmadeyev still managed to win the race with a time of 29 minutes and 45 seconds. This was the second year in a row that he won.