Mila Kunis Sued For Alleged Chicken Theft

Mila Kuniss_bukley /

Hollywood actress, Mila Kunis, is being sued for $5,000 for supposedly stealing a chicken when she was a young child living in the Ukraine.

Kristina Karo, who says she was Mila’s best Ukrainian friend, claims that 25 years ago, Mila Kunis stole her beloved pet chicken, called “Doggie”.

One day Doggie the chicken disappeared and Kristina claims that Mila confessed to taking it, saying that Kristina could have any other chicken, as her family owned a chicken farm.

Kristina asserts that the supposed chicken theft caused her years of emotional stress, yielding years of therapy, as Doggie was her absolute favourite.

Here’s Mila’s response to said chicken theft, along with her husband and fellow Hollywood actor, Ashton Kutcher:

Kristina has also moved to Los Angeles from the Ukraine to pursue a career in singing. You can watch her perform here: