Lincolnshire Launches Retirement Home For Cats

Retirement Cats

For furry felines that outlive their owners and are unable to be rehomed, the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats has created a retirement community for cats.

With 7-acres of land, rooms for sunbathing, outdoor spaces, private rooms for the less social, and a 24-7 caretaker, the Trust provides the ‘purrfect’ new home for your feline should he or she outlive you.

Like most retirement homes, the Trust comes with a price tag, which is a one-time fee of around £1,300. The cost includes their living expenses, food, medical care, as well as the love and attention from one of the many staff members.

With an open fireplace in the winter, ample places to perch, and cozy nooks for a catnap, your feline is sure to retire in style and comfort.

The center currently has around 80 kitty residents and are raising money to build an extension for the incoming cats off the streets who perhaps have no pension, but would like to live their last days in contentment. You can help them by donating here.