Couple Sells House & Gets A Lifetime of Free Pizza


A family in Portland, Oregon in the US was successfully enticed to sell their home with not only $26,000 over the asking price, but also a life-time of free pizzas.

The owner of DeNicola’s Italian Restaurant in Southeast Portland desperately wanted to purchase the home of Rob and Holly Marsh who had only put their home on the market a few days prior.

DeNicola’s offer was $26,000 over the asking price, as well as two months free rent, but due to a shortage of homes for sale in the Portland area, there was quite a bit of competition.

DeNicola then offered to throw in a free pizza every month for a lifetime. She stated, “I felt like I was in a poker game” and she was willing to do anything, as the market is so limited.

And, the price of the pizzas? At $20 per pizza per month, it adds up to almost $10,000 in the next 40 years.