Burger King To Pay for the Wedding of Mr. Burger & Ms. King

Burger KingRomas_Photo / Shutterstock.com

In Illinois, USA the fast-food chain, Burger King, has offered to pay the expenses of the wedding for a couple by the names of Mr. Joel Burger and Ms. Ashley King.

Mr. Burger and Ms. King have known each other most of their lives, having gone to Kindergarten together, and announced their engagement to friends by posting a picture in front of the Burger King restaurant logo.

After hearing about the engagement and couples surprising surnames, the restaurant chain, Burger King, contacted the couple and offered to pay for their entire wedding.

A spokesperson for Burger King stated, “When we heard about the happy, Burger-King couple, we felt an overwhelming urge to celebrate their upcoming marriage”.

The couple were absolutely shocked and the whole thing was caught on video, as the restaurant-chain informed them through a Skype call.

The wedding will take place in July. Will Burger King cater the reception, we wonder?

You can watch the surprise announcement here from YouTube: