Last Pair Of FA Cup Final Tickets Dropped From Space

FA Cup Tickets Launched Into SpaceThe FA / Twitter

Given the extreme popularity of the FA Cup Final, the FA decided to drop the last pair of tickets to the Arsenal versus Aston Villa game from space so that one lucky fan could have the opportunity of finding them.

The FA attached said tickets to a meteorological balloon and launched it into space from Wembley Stadium. Experts at performed the stunt.

The FA provided a Twitter feed of location of the FA Cup tickets, as it was fitted with a GPS so that fans down in Earth could track where they landed.

After 3 hours, the tickets reached a height of 29km before the balloon burst open and the tickets landed in the Kent village, Broad Oak.

A grandmother in the village who was walking her dog early that morning found the tickets. Her 19-year-old grandson, George Lamb, an avid Arsenal supporter, will be the lucky recipient.

In an interview with the FA, George Lamb states: ““When I woke up this morning the idea of going to the FA Cup Final hadn’t crossed my mind. Now, thanks to my grandma finding the tickets, I’m going on the ultimate adventure to Wembley on Saturday, although I’m sure the tickets’ adventure to space is certainly a close second!”

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