Ah ha! Alan Partridge’s ‘Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’ Finally Becomes Reality

Chris EubankYouTube / Hostelworld

Alan Partridge’s pitch to BBC executives, ‘Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’, has finally become a reality in an advert made by Hostelworld.

In the 1997 episode of I’m Alan Partridge entitled ‘A Room with Alan’, Partridge pitches some television programme ideas to the BBC Chief Commissioning Editor. His ideas consist of a detective series based in Norwich, called ‘Swallow’, ‘Arm Wrestling with Chas and Dave’, and of course, ‘Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank’.

The fictional Alan Partridge’s dream has now become somewhat of a reality after hostel-booking website, Hostelworld, created an advert featuring Chris Eubank himself. Eubank is, of course, the famous British boxer and WBO Middleweight World Champion.

In the advert, Eubank checks into a youth hostel, making use of its amenities and Wi-Fi. He ends the advert with some motivational words: “The key thing in life is to be humble. Just be little: that way you have nowhere to fall”.

But, up until recently, Chris Eubank was completely confused as to why people had been mentioning hostels to him for the past 18 years, referring to it as an “unsolved mystery” up until recently.

It all kicked off when Carl Packman, author and researcher, tweeted to Eubank asking him to finally make the youth hostelling documentary a reality. Eubank finally admitted he just didn’t get it:

Alan Partridge and Chris Eubank fans, you can watch the video here: