92-Year-Old Great Grandmother Halts Mugger By Ramming Into Him With Her Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooter

An 92-year-old great grandmother heroically sprung into action by knocking a mugger to the ground with her mobility scooter when a thief attempted to rob her friend.

Eileen Mason, 92, and Margaret Seabrook, 75, were on their way home from their weekly lunch club in their mobility scooters when a mugger noticed the contents of Ms. Seabrook’s basket and grabbed her arm in attempt to rob her.

Mason quickly reacted and shouted to the thief, “Oh, no you don’t,” immediately hitting the accelerator of her scooter and ramming into the thieving mugger.

The thief was knocked to the ground by Mason’s scooter and the great grandmothers sped off into the distance with all of their items in tact.

Seabrook stated, “They were obviously targeting us because they thought we’d be an easy target – he was wrong.”

And, Mason best sums it up, stating, “We went through the war and all the bombings. We won’t let a weasel like that hold us back.”