107 Mystery Gnomes Appear In Woman’s Garden

garden gnome

Police in Devon, England in the UK are trying to uncover how 107 gnomes mysteriously appeared in a woman’s garden overnight.

The gnomes were organised in meticulous rows and carefully laid out in the garden of Marcela Telehaničová. Marcela was dumbfounded by the gnomes and has no idea where they came from or who would have put them there.

On her Facebook page, Marcela stated, “I don’t know who has done this, but I want to thank them for giving me the best laugh ever.”

The Devon and Cornwall police are now treating the gnomes as found property and are appealing to the public for more information to return the gnomes to their rightful owners. “The question is whether they are stolen, or if it’s a prank and someone is playing a game of gnomes,” they stated.

Here are the mystery gnomes as documented by Marcela on her Facebook page:


Marcela Telehaničová / Facebook